• Koen van Zeijl

    Koen van Zeijl

    I help you keep up to date with C#, Azure DevOps and all sorts of nice to know tools | You can buy me a beer at https://ko-fi.com/koenvanzeijl

  • Fridge Magazine

    Fridge Magazine

    The Interactive Magazine With Practical Strategies and Guides For #Business Owners and #Entrepreneurs - Exclusively on #iOS & #Android

  • API Evangelist

    API Evangelist

    Keeping an eye on the tech, business, and politics of APIs. Tune into @apireport for the news.

  • 4programmer


    just for programmer linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/company/4programmer facebook:https://www.facebook.com/4programmer1

  • HeyDesigner


    Daily curated newsletter for product people, UXers, PMs and frontend developers at https://heydesigner.com

  • Ri Jeong-hyeok

    Ri Jeong-hyeok

  • Jeremy Long

    Jeremy Long

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